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Creating a Beautiful Ceremony

Before I was a Marriage Officiant, I had no idea how to create a beautiful wedding ceremony.  Let’s face it, most couples who are planning a traditional wedding are often overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with the planning of the day.  With so many choices for photographers, music, videographers, flowers, dresses, limos and the list goes on and on… sometimes the most meaningful part of the wedding day gets lost and left for last.  Let me tell you that if you find the right Officiant to help you, you can have a ceremony that will be both beautiful and memorable.  Don’t wait any longer to look for the person who will marry you.  Just as you choose the perfect fit for your other vendors, you want to have your choice of a perfect fit for your Officiant.  A great Officiant will guide you every step of the way, be available to answer your questions via e-mail or phone, help you find readings, and write a personalized ceremony that suits your needs after doing an interview and/or a questionaire.  Chances are, if you feel comfortable and confidant in his/her presence,  you will likely be pleased with your choice.  Don’t forget you can ask for references, view the officiant’s website (if available) and ask questions.  If you and your partner practice different faiths, ask if the Officiant is familiar with various religious rituals, as this will be important when planning the ceremony.  Your ceremony can include specific rituals such as candle-lighting,  giving of flowers to family members, special songs or music, sand ceremony, incense, hand-wrapping/fasting, glass-breaking, your own vows or poems to each other, readings of your choice, rose petal toss and other alternative rituals.  Even if you choose a simpler ceremony without anything other than words, those words should convey the love, warmth, inspiration and joy that the commitment brings when two hearts join in marriage.  So start now and create a beautiful ceremony!

Ceremonies as Affirmations of Love

Ceremonies have been around for a long time across cultures worldwide.  For many, Ceremonies are a way of valuing the sacredness of the human journey, honoring beliefs, sharing traditions, celebrating life and even mourning death.  The common thread appears to be that those guests joining in the Ceremony are affirming their love for the loved ones who stand before them.  Ceremonies of all kinds create memories to be treasured.  Photographs and videos taken, objects held sacred which are displayed or put away for safe keeping such as special candles or garments, allow for these memories to be recaptured again in the future.  Ceremonies allow for the beauty of our hearts to be shared. For many, the planning process is done with love, care, and attention to detail. Invitations, flowers, music, thank you cards, special clothing; all of these steps are done with the voice of the heart.  Each Ceremony is to be a unique expression of the love that exists for all the Beloved Ones, from the tiniest babies to the well-aged 100 year old grandparents.  Each Ceremony brings Blessings into the lives of all who attend.  When choosing an Officiant for your Ceremony, be sure your hearts connect and you feel comfortable with the flow that exists between you.  It is important that you can both work together in creating a Ceremony of Love that captures the words of your heart and sets them into motion for a beautiful and memorable experience.

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